Sisters Loving Brothers

by My Personal Murderer



released September 12, 2011

Yevgen Chebotarenko - guitars, vocals, music, arrangement, lyrics
Alexey Golub - piano, keys
Arthur Mykhaylenko - drums, percussion
Alex Pedko - guitars
Alexey Nagornykh - sound engineering and sound production
Yury Khustochka (track 2) - sound production, arrangement
Illya Halushko (track 2) - sound engineering
Olya Pischanskaya - cover shooting



all rights reserved


My Personal Murderer Kiev, Ukraine

Experiments with sorrow

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Track Name: Sisters Loving Brothers
Sisters and Brothers
Go love each other
Love even if it leads you to Hell

Hearts and bones
Live too long

We're sleeping
In a broken
Electric chair
We're the ones
Whos hair will turn
Into grass

Hearts and bones
Live too long

And how should we now?
And how should we now?
And how should we now?
When the Swans are replaced by clowns
Track Name: She's Dead
I can fly she said
Then I saw her dead
In her arms there were many paper thoughts about her

And If she only understands
That the wings could have the ones
Who've touched the ground
Track Name: Vitreous Paramour
You're walking through your sobriety
You're pooring tears in a bottle
And trying to make a poison water

You shut the window and deny
The fact of leaving otherside
Your moonless garden otherside

My lover tell me how to stay
In ocean but without water
Come out of this vitreous bottle

My Paramour lets live in vain
And love and love and love the same
Forevermore we live in blame
And love and love and love and love and..
Track Name: Danger Dancer
In the spotlights i saw him lying
dancer whos' time wasn't running
step by step in a mirror
I was watching his movements so clear

and then the ghosts
have talked me out
about the man
who's lost his sound

I always try not to cry when someone's dying
I always try not to cry when something's dying

In the whiteroom I saw her panic
a girl who thought that she wasn't organic

and then the ghosts
what are they for?
anesthetized her
and closed the door

I always try not to cry when someone's dying
I always try not to cry when something's dying
Track Name: Witchfriend
I wish there were drugs
In my mother's uterus
Instead of her water
That led me far away

I dream I had a car
With a fire in a gas tank
If I only knew
How long I'll wait for You

I'll be your Witchfriend
'till You burn me on your fire
Track Name: He'll
Remember me
And walls on fire
The River
And its plastic butterfly

Remember man
So kind of him
To find me
And never to forget

Remember me
The Question Song
The color
Of an eerie heart

Remember to
forgive the man
Who threw me
Out of his blood

He'll dress himself in woman tonight
And cry
Track Name: Planet Earth
Planet Earth is overrated
With all it's ghosts of soviet spaceships
With all I know I quit
For all I know I quit

People shoot their children
In the name of happiness
"We will be together thay say"
To the melting faces

Now my Father is Sun
Moon's for Mom
Black holes for me